10/15/23 - How to Pay Lip Service to Density Pt. 3

The development transect by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company

So we talked about how the proposed code hamstrings density. And we saw first hand an example of how that looks. Where do we go from here? What could we be doing better? There are really two overarching categories that the zoning controls, and one big change that it does not. Out of our control is the exemption of 3+ story townhouses from the sprinkler requirement of the IRC. The state absolutely has to look at fixing this. Unfortunately, that's outside the scope of the ZAP or what Rochester can do for itself. 

As for the two major things the zoning does control, they are geometry and programming.


The category of geometry covers setbacks, lot sizes, and other building envelope categories. There are a number of critical things that the code could be doing here to encourage housing options, affordability, and density:


Programming entails the actual bits of what is allowed on a lot. I'm lumping how they're allowed into this category as well.