10/17/23 - I Saw the Sign

I'll confess, I don't usually have much to say about signs, but there is a small portion of the sign code that I found utterly fascinating, and that needs significantly more clarity. I'll just go ahead and reproduce it here.

17.4 Abandoned Signs

A. Unless specifically allowed by this Article, any sign which is located on property which becomes vacant and unoccupied for a period of three months or more, or any sign and structure which pertains to a time, event or purpose that no longer applies, is deemed abandoned.

B. Abandoned signs and structures are prohibited and shall be removed. If a sign on a shared support structure is abandoned, the sign and any structure particular to that sign shall be removed.

What does this mean for billboards on vacant buildings? What does this mean for redevelopment, as 3 months isn't very long? The code explicitly states that the desired intent of this section is to minimize sign nonconformity, so it's easy to read this section maximally, but I do think there are going to be a number of building owners surprised to be notified that their signs must be removed.

I have a few other brief sign observations, and then I'll 'sign' out and leave the rest to the pros.