10/5/23 - The 400sf Elephant in the Room

Imagine being able to house your aging mother in your own backyard in an adorable cottage like this...

ATLADUCO's RTown. Photo Courtesy of ATLADUCO.

Well you can stop imagining now, this cottage is 429sf and you're only allowed 400sf. 

But what about a world where your child could come home from college and have their own space like this...

Historic Shed's 2 Car Garage apartment. Courtesy of Liberty House Plans.

Well you don't live in that world, ADUs aren't allowed above garages, either.

"Alright, bruh," I'm hearing you say, "what CAN I do to accommodate my burgeoning space needs, and where can I do it?" Well, since I know the ATLADUCO guys, let's roll with the East Lake.

ATLADUCO's East Lake. Image Courtesy of ATLADUCO.

"I could stick my post-college child in that." Problem solved. Well... 

For what it's worth, we wouldn't be the only city making these mistakes. Many of the rules in Rochester about ADUs seem to come directly from Atlanta, where construction of ADUs has perennially lagged professed demand due to challenging requirements. 

But we've had enough time now to see what's possible (and successful) in other cities. If Rochester is going to allow and encourage ADUs, and we certainly think they should, then we can do better. LA has developed pre-approved designs and simplified permitting for construction. So has San Jose. So has Bend, Oregon. And if Rochester can't do better than Bend, OR (sorry Bend), we need to fold up this whole operation and leave.